Write a case study about Dove

This course is: Direct marketing. Each student must complete a final campaign project as a take-home exam based on a case uploaded into Moodle. The final exam case submission must include the following components: Review the direct marketing campaign(s) used by the organization in the case and critique it (review its strengths and weaknesses) Create a DM campaign (see requirements on the individual case) Design all creative elements (ads, brochures, etc.) for the campaign you have developed. There are two case options for the take-home final case exam. Students must complete one of the options. Follow the instructions carefully in each handout (download below). The cases are now available and can be started now and submitted any time up until the due date. Students can upload one of the following formats Word, PowerPoint, PDF, or Publisher. remember that this is a Final Case Take-Home Exam (40%) I will upload two cases you could choose any of them. this assignment needs more research as it is a take home exam and worth almost half of the course mark so every step is important.

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