Money back guarantee

Money back guarantee

As a means to provide our clients with the highest levels of satisfaction, we have a reliable money back guarantee policy. We respect your right to have your money back upon request in the rare event that you are dissatisfied with our work. Our Money Back Guarantee policy is divided into 2 groups:

  1. Pre-approval of order :
  • You get 100% refund if you made a mistake on payment (double payment, identical orders), there is no suitable writer for your paper, delayed deadline and failure of delivery.
  • You qualify for 70% refund if you cancel your order after a writer has been assigned and half than half of the deadline elapsed because the writer already working on must be compensated for the effort.
  • You qualify for 50% refund if you cancel the order after more than half an hour of deadline, or we are no position to provide you instantly with a writer to work on your revision request.

Please keep in mind that you have 7-days window to approve your delivered paper. Approval time is calculated automatically from the time of delivery of the last version of the completed paper sent to your personal order paper and deadline elapse. The paper will considered approved is this time has passed. If you are dissatisfied with the paper quality you receive, you can request for a free of charge revision or the paper be reassigned to another writer.

  1. Post-approval of order

After approving your completed and duly delivered paper (earning access and ability to edit and print the paper), you will not be eligible to any refund. Approval of the paper translates into your satisfaction with the order quality.

Kindly note that refunds are not applicable to our discounts, multi-choice question papers and such extras as abstract, and plagiarism report.

Please note that the refund only constitutes of a percent of the total price of the order, with VAT being non-refundable. Refund are also only issued to original payment source. Get in touch with our Customer Support Representatives if you need to request for a refund.

Upon requesting a full refund strips of rights to use the material we provided to your personal order page. These material automatically become property of the company, to which we reserve the right to publish online for our commercial gain. However, we are not part of any essay database and thus searching such papers would always lead to our website. We can also publish such material as our sample paper. The rationale for doing this is to safeguard the work of our writers in instances where a client demands a refund for material that has been duly completed.