How can passwords on a phone affect a relationship?Explain

I only want you to write a section of my paper. It’s the original research portion. It must be multiple paragraphs. The research that I conducted was in the form of a survey, Adriana Perez and Alexandra Sakellar have to be cited for it. All the results need to be included. This research was done by putting it on facebook and majority of the people that took it are in High school, and very little in college. At the end of this research it must be analyzed. The results are out of 156 responses…Here are the questions and answers. “do you have a password on your phone ?” got 88.5% yes and 11.5% no; “have you ever given you password to a bf/gf? got 45.5% yes, 24.4% no and “never had a bf/gf got 30.1%; “if youve never been in a relationship would you give them your password?” yes 26.35 no 23.1% ive been in a relationship before 50.6%; “on a scale from 1-10 how much would you trust a friend with your phone password” the same was asked of a bf/gf and majority said they would trust their bf/gf more.