What does Imitation and Gender Insubordination tell us about power? Inequality?

Please tie in the reading I will be providing. Talk about how it relates to current times and give some examples Reading Responses:nYou are required to write three reading responses over the course of the semester. The responses should be between 700-1,000 words (2-3 pages) reflecting your critical engagement with the text (covering major points, raising questions for class discussion). Your goal is to go beyond merely summarizing the text and begin to think about them critically. These are designed to help facilitate your thinking about the texts. nRead the text and ask yourself the following questions. What is the author’s main point/argument? What is going on in the place and time that this author writes? How does this relate to other things you have read? How does this relate to American society, today? What do you think about the author’s argument (and why?)? What does this text tell us about power? Inequality? Social Justice? While you do not have to answer all of these questions, they should shape your responses. nMy expectations: I want you to wrestle with these texts. Sometimes they will be difficult, but the reading response is designed to help you think about them. Writing often facilitates deeper thought. I expect you all to move beyond summary and move towards synthesization (being able to place theory into your own words through your own application). However, I do not want you to base these responses on your opinion – try to think about what is happening in the reading on a more verifiable level.nnGuidelinesn• Typed, double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Romann• 700-1,000 words (2-3 pages)n• Include at least two questions for class that will help to facilitate discussion during class. n• These responses are due in print at the beginning of the class that the reading was assigned. Do not miss these reading responsesn

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