Write a marketing plans and explain Product or Service Strategy / Product Development Strategy.

Important note: Your marketing plans should be well-organized and professional, and follow MLA format. Paper should not have any spelling and grammatical errors or “cut and pasted”. You must have proper formatting such as page numbers, table of contents and proper references.

I. Executive Summary: _____ / 10 points

II. Situation Analysis: _____ / 30 points

a. Industry Outlook and SWOT Analysis
b. Market Analysis
c. Competitive Analysis

III. Goals & Objectives: _____ / 10 points

IV. Marketing Plan: _____ / 20 points

a. Product or Service Strategy / Product Development Strategy
b. Channel Strategy (if applicable)
c. Pricing Strategy
d. Communications Plan

V. Operating Plan: _____ / 20 points
a. Manufacturing Process (if applicable)
b. Facilities and Inventory requirements (if applicable)
c. Management and Sales Plan – include personal selling and messaging to accompany the presentation you create for the client.

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