Why are the authorities allowing REGULATORY CONTROL OF E-WASTE IN GHANA,are there any regulatory controls in ghana, any local legislations, are they enforced? what are the challenges to its enforcement.

Issue: Illegal waste shipment to developing countries has been a problem for them

Agbobloboshie is one of the worlds greatest e waste dump. This causes environmental and safety problems affecting the health of locals.

What are these environmental(air, water soil) and safety issues?

There are international treaties like the basel convention that voilates dumping of e waste to non OECD countries, yet the developed countries some how find their e-waste to ghana.

Why are the authorities allowing this,are there any regulatory controls in ghana, any local legislations, are they enforced? what are the challenges to its enforcement.


1. A research aim

2. A detailed literature review – So the project is to look at the illegal aspects of WEEE treatment from the EU to Ghana – please write about waste /its defintion/ subject to regulatory controls similar across europe/talk about the BAsel convention and Transfrontier shipments (TFS) and how hazardous waste cannot be shipped from EU to non OECD countries / the loop hole is if the material is still functional then second hand goods can be shipped/talk about the recent weee directive revision that tried to tighten – ‘An overview of waste crime, its characteristics, and the vulnerability of the EU waste sector'(please you can make use of this article, its quite useful) … and some academic papers on waste crimes….

Also look at IMPEL and their initiaves to measure and quantify and stop illegal shipments…. WEEE is shipped to Ghana because the regulatory controls are so strict in Europe that it is cheaper to dismantle in Ghana… The material then get s shipped to China for reuse – but at a social cost.

Please i dont know if it would be right to also talk about waste management practices and the health and safety issues related to it, but would be glad to.

Since i intend to use interviews as my research methodology. and A research study which is based on collected data……I would be glad to have a literature review that could help me formulate structured interview questions .We could contact authorities(EPA, ghana customs and some environmental journalist etc.)

The writer, if possible must bring out common theme and issues in the review of literature, make intelligent links and demonstrate that the literature has been examined with insight. He should be critical and judgemental. The review must flow as a narative and an enjoyable read.

The review must have an implication on the study-relating to the aims and objectives (my objectives may change depending on the outcome of your literature review)

Please dont hesistate to insert diagrams, charts, images etc. as one written by an acadamician.

My intended methodology is to conduct some structural interviews with some ghanaian authorites(like EPA, Ghana customs and maybe some environmental journalist)…would be glad if your review could help me come out with those questions which would be relevant in achieving the aims/objectives

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