What other factors related to the variables may have affected the relationship?

Last week, you produced an equation and graphed a line through your first two sets of data points. Keep in mind that not all data points with relationships between data are linear, though the equation you have produced is. In this discussion, you will enter your last set of data to see if it matches what the function predicted. Even if your data does not confirm a single line, there still may be a relationship between your two variables, which could mean that another variable that was not evaluated may have an impact. What is important to understand is how equations and graphs represent real-world phenomena.

For this discussion, use your Excel Build-a-Function spreadsheet to input your third set of data points to evaluate that point on the graph and determine if the two variables are related.

Discuss the following information in your initial post:

•Describe the graph to your classmates or upload a picture of your graph.

•Is the data the different from what you expected based the first two data points? What does that mean? How much does your third point differ from what the first two points predicted?

•When looking at the graph, do you still believe the factors are related? If so, how? In other words, when one factor increases, what happens to the other?

•What other factors related to the variables may have affected the relationship between them?

•How could we apply the information about the relationship (or lack of relationship) between these factors in the real world?