What is it about the American lifestyle that is contributing to the obesity rates rising faster than other nations? Give some cultural comparisons.

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We are seeing obesity rates rise around the world but the USA leads the pack as the heaviest nation (right behind Mexico as of 2013). What is it about the American lifestyle that is contributing to the obesity rates rising faster than other nations? Give some cultural comparisons. Share your personal experiences and observations.


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There are so many reasons for this it stems from so many areas. Firstly, growing up hot lunch was always provided for us at school Monday through Friday. Coming from a working class family always on the go my mother didn’t have the time to make me lunch every day like her mother did when she was a child. I had to eat lunch at school which to be honest was disgusting and less appealing than cat food. As a result of that I would starve myself all day long and by the time I got home I would gorge on anything I came in contact with. I didn’t know any better at the time that chips and cookies were no good to eat in place of healthier options such as fruits and veggies. At the same time my mother and father were not home to supervise my brothers and I. As a result I quickly gained weight and was far over my weight criteria as a young child and teen. I believe if schools provided the meals that they preach we won’t have this problem. I highly doubt this less than glamorous cat food they are serving is at all nutritional in anyway. The main issue here is cost and how everyone is trying to make a buck by formulating something edible that passes inspection and served to people for a fraction of the price you pay.

In addition as a country I do not think we do a good job in the area of inspecting our foods that come and go in this country. Also, the education they provide everyone is so specific to one type; people truly don’t know how to eat the best way possible. I firmly believe some people function better on carbs and those less in protein and vice versa. If we as a country can come up with an updated food pyramid that is realistic and achievable I think Americans can understand the importance of eating certain types of food and how to incorporate them into their daily diet. I find Fig 9.5 on page 282 to be an interesting example as to what my grandparents were eating compared to what we have now. Ironically enough they are the slimmer ones in my family compared to the rest of us; go figure! Being that we are a melting pot of a country I observe the different cultures and the foods they chose to eat, Many asians and Eastern Europeans are much slimmer than other countries. Asian countries don’t eat King Pao chicken like we think they do, and not everyone in europe is truly eating Crepes and Croissants every morning for breakfast. On the contrary these countries are quite opposite and eat balanced diets at different times of the day.

In order for Americans to cut back on the obesity rate, we need to go back to the basics. There was something our grandparents were doing that was good and healthy. With modern day medicine and technique we can really push the boundries of age by putting whats right into our mouths.

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