Identify the educational requirements and a detailed list of responsibilities/tasks.

Post a copy of the job announcement to the discussion board. Label it with your name and the job title that you have written.

Regardless of your current position—whether a classroom teacher, teacher leader, coach, principal, district office administrator, or other educational professional—a deep understanding of the process of professional development for student success is necessary before you can plan effective programs. Yet, each role requires different skills to accomplish your goals. Chapters 6, 7, & 8 in Becoming a Learning School, describe these different administrative roles. Whether you see yourself in these chapters based upon your current position or if you are looking into the future to a new position, it is good to see professional development from these perspectives.

After reading Chapter 6, 7 & 8 in Becoming a Learning School and the Sparks article, “Changing Organizations Begins With Changing Ourselves,” think about the new role of professional development leader at the Central Office, or as a principal or coach. Using information from this course related to the new standards and “best practices” in professional development and write a job announcement for a professional development position addressing one of these roles.

The announcement should include a description of the school system where the job will be located, basic demographics, and the mission/philosophy of the school system. Next, identify the educational requirements and a detailed list of responsibilities/tasks. Add a short (no more than three-quarters of a page) rationale for your choices.

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