How does the thesis thinking Spatially & Perspectives on Population in China Beijing

i live in Beijing the capital of Beijing. you can search some information of Beijing then write the paper. Part 1: “Where?” and “Why there?”

(1) Where do you live?

Note that this question can be answered at many scales (local, regional, or global). At the very least, you should provide a sufficient description of the location of your primary residence (that is, your response if asked, “Where are you from?”), using both absolute and relative location descriptors.

(2) Why do you live there?

Or, perhaps a better way to ask this question, would be, “Why did a population emerge in that location?” In other words, when answering this question, keep in mind the reasons why people live where they live that were discussed in the lesson on Population & Demography. If your primary residence is with your parents, you should discuss why your family chose to settle in that location. Be sure to think about past influences (including natural resources, culture, history, et cetera); the sample response may help you understand how to incorporate these influences into your paper.

Part 2: Your perspective on population

(3) You were presented with three different perspectives on population in the lesson on Population & Demography. Which perspective on population do you feel is most accurate? (See Lesson 3, page 16; You must choose only one.)

(4) Why? To answer this question, find a current article (published within the past 3 months) from a credible source that provides support for your opinion and explain why this article lends support to your perspective on population. (Remember to cite this article, as well as any other sources used.) Then provide the following.

(a) What is the main thesis of the article (that is, the central idea, point, or argument being presented by the article)?

(b) How does the thesis support the perspective you chose?


When answering the questions in number (4), you should think beyond articles that focus on the topic of population and look for articles written about other subjects in other disciplines that still lend support to your view. For example, an article about conflict among a group of neighbors living along a densely populated coastline may lend support to your Neo-Malthusian views.


Crafting a short, concise response is often harder than a long response! Responses should be kept between 600-800 words. At the very beginning of your response, please type your word count in parentheses, for example: (Word count: 699).

Be sure to use correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and fully answer the question to gain maximum points on this assignment. These assignments are worth 10 points each and will be graded based on how well you answer the question (see the associated grading rubric in the Writing Assignment folder) and meet the criteria provided for you on the grading rubric. Writing quality, however, is very important and will weigh significantly in determining your grade.

Any outside sources (including the online lessons) used to develop your response must have an accompanying citation. Be sure to also include a works cited page that is consistent with the citation style used to write your paper. Plagiarism, in any form, will not be tolerated and will result in a ZERO for the paper (see syllabus for details about plagiarism). (NOTE: If you receive a zero for plagiarism, you cannot drop that assignment grade if applicable.) We scan all documents to detect unoriginal (that is, potentially plagiarized) content.

Information found in Wikipedia is helpful when working on papers. However, because everyone can edit it (that is, it is a wiki), the information be faulty or biased (not unlike other mass media). Therefore, I urge you not to rely on Wikipedia as your exclusive source when doing research for papers. Look elsewhere–this will help confirm and substantiate material you may have found on Wikipedia. If you rely on Wikipedia for your response, you will be downgraded.

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