How Does Drinking Coffee Affect Your Lifestyle? Explain

I Introduction. Describe your hypotheses and why they are worth researching. Include at least 4 previous/related studies. 1 page or less

II Research Methods. Up to 2 pages. You should include all of the following:

A. Sampling

1. Describe when, where and how you selected subjects; who your subjects were in terms of their characteristics; any differences between group member sampling procedures; how representative your sample was of your target population; how generalizeable your results are; whether and why you think your sampling was good and what limitations there were to your approach.

B. Describe your variables

1. What was your dependent variable? How did you come up with this idea? How did you design your survey to get this concept differently across your 6 questions? Why? How did you code your open item? Did you have problems? Describe whether and why your methods were good or should be improved upon.

2. What were your independent variables. Why did you select these? How did you handle the coding of these variables? Describe whether and why this was a good idea.

III Results. Discuss all of the following: Up to 3 pages.

Using a mix of text, tables and figures, you should describe

A. The frequency distributions for your independent variables with a discussion of what you think you learned about your sample from these distributions.

B. A discussion of the various measures of your dependent variable. Describe your frequency distributions for the different measures and what they show in terms of the inter-­‐ relationships among the measures. Discuss the correlations between the different measures and what that shows. Do these different items appear to measure the same thing? If not, why not? If you were creating a final index, describe which items you should keep and why. Describe the relationship between your open question and your index. Describe the extent to which you think they are measuring the same thing and why.

C. Describe the bivariate relationship between your dependent variable measures and your independent variables.

IV Discussion. Describe the conclusions you draw based on your results. What larger study might be built on this one? What changes would you make?Up to 1 page

In preparation for writing this report you will want to inspect:

a) frequency distributions looking especially for problems where 80% or more of your respondents chose the same answer for an item. Consider whether and why this is a problem.

b) Examine your inter-­‐item correlations to see whether they are all large and positive. Consider whether any weak correlations are due to a problem with your coding or are poor measures to include in your index. A strong negative correlation might also indicate a coding problem.

c) Examine results of the statistical tests of your hypothesis.