Explore and explain some personal connection we have with life science.

Assignments in this class are designed to have you explore some personal connection you have with life science. For the second assignment, I want you to find an example of science being used in World. You can use any example as long as you can find 2 web sites to use for references. Be creative, the example can be anything in  World. For example, I am interested in the science that is connected to cooking.  Many authors have written about this topic, so it would be easy for me to find references and some examples about how cooking and science are connected.  Please  use my example of cooking for your paper.The essay must be 1 page in length, typed, double-spaced with 1-inch margins. Spelling and grammar will be taken into account for grading. Write your paper in a word processing program and then cut-and-paste the paper into the submission window. You must use at least 2 web sites on the internet as references for your paper. Use these sites to help you support your topic. Please be sure to include your web address citations in the body of your paper where you use the information. 

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