Explain the impact of intangibles treatment under IFRS onThe value-relevance of financial information (earning quality)

In my dissertations, I want to investigate how the inadequate treatment of internal intangibles affect the value relevance of financial information ( especially earning quality).
since most intangible investment are expensed when incurred while the benefits from them are reported later so the matching principle is distorted. I want to focus the study on example on high tech company which depend intensivly on R&D, and investigate how IFRS requirements of expensing Research and Devolpement , except in some cases, have an effect on the value relevance of financial information and earning quality.

I hope that my topic will get assigned to experienced creative writer who can handle such a requirements and get the date and if I am happy with the proposal work I would like to continue working the dissertation with the same writer, so please I hope you would deserve my trust.
the methodology is most important iand its subject to change because I have to address the whole proposal to the supervisor and see his comments on it, so keep that in considerations.
Also, the literature review is about 1550 words and I would like it to contain opinions and reviews over the topic. Please use only academic journals and articles which are easily and straightly discuss the topic and (ARE EASILY AVAILABLE ONLINE ) prefer moslty from google scholars( with the links to access the articles) myself and read them, this is extremely important (avoid hard reached sources)the literature review part would like to see well chosen straight language articles with the link online for each one of them because I need to read them myself. u can send me the links on a separate file ofr each source used.
I will upload two files, one named ” intangible” and it contains an article which adresses the topic I want to discuss, kindly read it, especially part 4.1 as it include the main question for the topic I would like to discuss. this will give you full view of what I want to do my topic on. I would like if possible the article for the literature review to be somhow similar to this one in structure and easliy accessible

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