Explain salmonella and E.coli, foodborne illness, in American children today.

Background of problem:
relevant and clearly defined

Relevance of problem:
clearly states basic points of the importance of the topic

cogent thesis statement (direct or indirect ) which includes topic, opinion, and arguments
Toulmin’s claims: appropriately incorporates source material using toulmin’s claim-data-warrant model

clearly summarize discussion and /or propose ideas for further research with appropriate academic vocabulary

Five important things;

1- You have to use a Journal article and it most be an academic source.
2- The source has to be published between 2007-2013.
3- One of the solutions should be relate with microbiology
4- You have to use this as the thesis statement for the research paper. " As a result of globalization, eating at restaurants, and the appearance of new microorganism, food-borne illness is increasing in American children "
5- attach the 10 sources.

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