Explain the Essential elements of public health in nursing.

Attend a community health/public meeting in your community. Give a brief summary of the purpose of the meeting. Just got your observations using appendix C pages 622 to 628, essential elements of public health nursing and your text as a framework for comparison. Try to relate to meeting you attended to the public health functions and/or PHN Rolls from the appendix. Were you able to identify any nursing roles related to the public/community health and this meeting?


Below you will find the pertinent information that I found while attending the meeting. Basically I’m needing help on completing this assignment as related to the above description. I will attach copies of the appendix C the instructor has referred to.


“The meeting consisted of a variety of topics including one that is on the forefront of their interests; project DAWN, “Deaths Avoided with Narcan (Naloxone)” and it is currently being utilized in Noble County with imminent plans to bring to our local Guernsey County Health Department. This program is Implemented in an effort to educate parents/spouses/family members who’s loved ones have a history of drug overdose and are actively thought to still be using narcotics. There is specific criteria that must be met before being enrolled in the program. They not only educate the members of signs and symptoms of overdose, but teach them how to practice rescue breathing in the event of an overdose, in addition to dispensing actual syringes of Narcan to the family member. Currently the state of Ohio requires a physician to be in the building when dispensing this medication, however the team is working diligently to get this rule changed.

Furthermore, there were discussions related to a recent outbreak of bedbugs in the area, And aerator inspections in a local town known as Buffalo. This town still has presence of 3 to 4 families in that area who do not have proper sewage and utilize out houses for their elimination purposes. The general consensus was that these families are unable to afford the sewer line that costs approximately $3800, a tap fee of $200, sewage fee that is approximately $76/month and the water fee for 0-2000 gallons of $43/month.

Additionally, the health department still has a traveling clinic that is geared toward keeping the Amish community up on their immunizations and to help with preventative healthcare. Unfortunately, the targeted Amish community members are not being fully cooperative in this matter by being absent to scheduled meetings at family members homes. Therefore, the health department board members have petitioned that there be a letter sent to the Amish Bishop to better describe the health departments goals for them, while remaining in a non-intrusive manner. This is in an effort to gain more trust from them.”