Discuss product branding.

Branding a product means to use a name, term, symbol, design, or unique element that identifies a seller’s product and differentiates the product from that of the competitor.  Name a product that has an extremely unique brand name, symbol, or design.  Briefly describe, in your opinion, how that unique name, symbol, or design has helped to make the product successful. To develop a position for the product (product positioning) means that the company must determine a product’s frame of reference in comparison to similar products. Briefly explain why a marketer would opt to position its product at the low end of the market, and provide a specific example to substantiate your answer.Differentiation is when a product is perceived as unique or superior from the products of competitors. Name a product to which you are brand loyal, and briefly explain why you choose to purchase that specific brand.*** Required posting format: The Strayer discussion questions must be written as a heading, followed by the student’s answer to the question. Ie.  Strayer question one fully written out  Your answer to question one  Strayer question two fully written out  Your answer to question two Strayer question three full written out Your answer to question three

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