Discuss Gender Inequality in the work force in the United States.

Topic is Gender Inequality in the work force in the United States

the sources you use in the annotated bib has to be the ones to use in the research paper

Annotated Bibliography
The Annotated Bibliography: 15%

Topic: Gender Inequality in the work force in the United States.

As a critical component of the research process, students will write an annotated bibliography on the topic they have chosen for their research paper. An underlying purpose of the annotated bibliography is to allow students to read more critically, more carefully, rather than simply collect information. In the research process, an annotated bibliography is an instrument to help students formulate a clear thesis, a strong argument.

Each annotation should include in one paragraph: a summary, an evaluation of the text (which includes the intended audience), and a reflection on its applicability to his/her own research. Recommended Length: 4-6 pages. MLA Format.

Purpose: To develop a working collection of valuable, credible sources related to your topic. Audience: An academic audience that includes the authors of the readings and other interested in the issue upon which you are focusing.

Questions for Consideration and Topic Exploration: Carefully select and annotate a minimum of ten (10) sources related to the issue you identified for your research paper. These should include a combination of scholarly journals (three minimum), newspaper articles, applicable websites, as well as other relevant, scholarly sources. My topic is Gender Inequality in the work force in the United States.


• 4- pages

• 10 sources (NO WIKIPEDIA)

• MLA format

Research Essay
The Research Essay: 15%

Purpose: To develop an argument on a specific topic and provide persuasive support for your thesis using strong reasons and clear evidence.

Questions for Consideration and Topic Exploration: Identify a topic for research which surrounds a social issue. This issue can be societal (within a specific country) or global in nature.

TOPIC: Gender inequality on the Work Force in the United States

Your research paper should begin with thorough background of the issue. Your analysis should explain why this issue persists and how it affects society. Use Conflict theory as your theoretical framework. Finally, your research paper should conclude with your recommendations for how this issue can be addressed.


• 7 pages

• MLA format, Works Cited Page 

• Background of the issue, analysis of how it affects society, recommendations for tackling 
the issue.

• Support your explanations with examples and quotes