Describe Visual Basic Beginning.

I need a program that is similar to the screenshots provided, please include an exit button as well An international company has requested a Windows application that provides pricing information for escape-room puzzle games. The Mystery Escape is an interactive real-life suspense game with elements of a mys-tery game. Cities all over the world such as Dallas, Paris, and Singapore host escape games where you take a “time-travel” adventure into another century. The minute you step inside the room, you and the other players become experts, engrossed in a quest to solve the puzzles and mysteries within the time limit to escape. Each team can use their wits to find the key and unlock the door of the private room, holding two to six players. The purpose of the application is to display the pricing informa-tion for escape-room games at worldwide locations. The Mystery Escape game is located in Dallas, Paris, and Singapore. Each mystery specializes in a different type of escape game. 

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