Assess effective and ineffective leaders.

Unit 9 AssignmentUnit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:● Assess effective and ineffective leaders.● Determine your leadership style.Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:HA405-5: Contrast the leadership styles of healthcare managers.HA405-6: Assess your personal leadership style for healthcare management.Instructions:In this unit, you will explore opposing leadership styles found in managers. Likewise, you will explore your leadership style and how you can use your unique skills to effectively manage a healthcare environment.In a 2-page paper, elaborate on two leaders: one which you determine as effective and the other as an ineffective leader. These individuals do not need to be in healthcare. What are their similarities and differences? Additionally, discuss your leadership style, current weaknesses as a leader, and plans to improve your skills to develop into an ethical and effective healthcare leader. Need 2-3 Scholar references, Stay on topic and original, No Phagiarism!

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