write two paragraphs: one paragraph will be a summary of this article and the second paragraph will be a response to the argument within that article.

First paragraph: Have a summary paragraph that

introduces the author and title of the article;

focuses on the thesis as presented by the author in his or her article;

paraphrase a key example or Illustration that shows proof that the author makes the claim you have identified;

provides a parenthetical citation for the article cited that follows the following template: (author’s last name, year published, page or paragraph number). Here is an example of an entry using page, followed by one with a paragraph number: (Pollan, 2006, p. 59) and (Jones, 2010, para. 4);

includes transition words and sentences that help your reader to see how one idea connects to the next;

f. uses your own words to present additional information from the article that explains what you see (that led you to identify the author’s thesis)

is at least 100 words in length; and

uses basic APA formatting, as described below.

Second Paragrah:Have a response paragraph that

uses a Point/Topic Sentence to focus your paragraph on one key response you have to the author’s argument;

provides one or two clear Illustrations or examples that support your response;

explains how those Illustrations/examples prove your side (i.e., your response) of the argument and ties things back to the original argument to which you are responding;

is at least 100 words in length; and

uses basic APA formatting, as described below.

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