Write an essay describing seven of the different types of government (including democracy).


Choose 5.

1. Write an essay describing seven of the different types of government (including democracy). How would you define and distinguish them? What are the specific characteristics of representative democracy that makes it different?

2. What is political culture? What is political socialization? How is it learned? What are the 10 factors?

3. Describe and analyze the conflicts and compromises that occurred during the drafting of the Constitution. What was the conflict between the large and small states, and how was it resolved by the Great Compromise? What is a major difference between the Great Compromise and today’s government? What was the nature of the conflict regarding slavery?

4. Write an essay describing the American federal system. How does a federal system differ from a unitary system and a confederal system of government? Give an examples.

5. Write an essay describing how public opinion is measured. What is sampling and what is it meant to accomplish? What are the 6 qualities?

6. Discuss the evolution of federalism in the US. What are the three causes/events? What are the three time periods/cake metaphors?

7. Political parties are perhaps the most important organizations affecting governance. How do parties differ from interest groups? What are some of the important functions that parties play within the political process (4)? What are the 3 levels of the parties?

8. Write an essay describing third parties in American politics. Why has there never been a party system in the United States of three or more parties? How do third parties arise? What are the 5 reasons for two parties? What is the Spatial Theory of Party Placement?

9. Write an essay describing the different types of electoral systems. What are the differences between the plurality, majority, and proportional representation systems? What is the Electoral College and how does it function? What are the sources of money in political campaigns (6)?

10. Write an essay analyzing the theory of pluralism. What are some of the pluralists’ presumptions concerning the role of interests and factions in American politics (4 points)? How did James Madison state about factions?

11. What is an interest group? Describe the three types of interest groups active in the US. What 3 things make them effective? What is a free rider? Why would a person join an interest group? Describe a public good v. collective good.