Write An argumentative essay of "the worn path" REVISION

You will write a minimum 500-word researched essay on a short story incorporating the


1. an argumentative claim, supported by

2. three scholarly sources from the ProQuest database that are

3. properly introduced,

4. paraphrased,

5. and cited

6. in proper argument format.

Step Two: Select a theoretical perspective from which to analyze

the story.

Critical theories inform almost every field of study. I have selected these particular

theories from the dozens available because you will encounter many of them again in

other courses, such as history, art, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and women’s and

gender studies.

 Historicism

 Cultural Studies

 Feminist / Gender Studies

 Marxism

 Psychological

 Archetypal / Myth Criticism

You should develop an argumentative thesis statement, called a claim. The claim

should be shaped by the theoretical perspective that you have selected.

Step Four: Support your claim with research from the Literature

Resource Center Database.

You will be required to incorporate material from three scholarly articles, found in the

Literature Resource Center database, with your own ideas, and supporting details from


Step Five: Introduce and incorporate your paraphrased sources.

You will paraphrase your sources and introduce them properly. We will do some

practice paraphrase activities in this two-week unit and there will be a tutorial to help

you introduce sources and cite them properly

Step Six: Document your sources using MLA formatting.

As you include your research materials in the body of your essay, you will use correct

in-text documentation. You will also provide a works cited page for your sources. We

will use MLA formatting, the formatting style used for most humanities courses (English,

history, etc.).

In the video explaining how to use the Literature Resource Center database, I include

information on how to use the database citation function. Remember to select MLA from

the formatting selection tabs.

Step Seven: Organize your essay in standard argument format.

Scholarly arguments generally have the following sections. The introduction,

background paragraph, and conclusion are presented in this order. The body

paragraphs, which include supporting and opposing/alternate views, can be arranged in

whatever strategy best suits your needs.

Section 2. Background paragraph that sets the claim in context (usually one paragraph).

For the purposes of this literature paper, you may include any information about time

period, type of literary theory you are using, or anything else that you think will help the

reader understand the work BEFORE you begin supporting your argument.

Sections 3 and 4. Body that includes your supporting views, the opposing or alternate

views, and the rebuttal of these views, can be arranged in many ways and can have as

many paragraphs as are needed.

Section Five. Conclusion (usually one paragraph)

Include a final separate paragraph that lets the reader know you have concluded your

argument. Please avoid the clichéd “In conclusion….”

Section Six. Works Cited Page

Your three sources should be in proper MLA order, alphabetized by author’s last name

with no numbers or bullet-points.

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