Write a word plan to evaluate program effectiveness, with both formative and summative assessments.

Question : Create a 500- to 750 word plan to evaluate program effectiveness, with both formative and summative assessments. Include specific examples using your own curriculum.n nCompile all Learning Team assignments into a Final Program Plan. Your Final Program Plan should include your:n▪ Needs assessment application (Week 3)n▪ Setting the vision (Week 4)n▪ Program Plan (Week 5)n▪ Implementation plan (Week 6)n▪ Evaluation plan (Week 6)nCreate a brief presentation overview of your program.nnnMSG TO THE WRITER: The topic we have been writing on is EBOLA. The team decided to break it down as following and please write on the highlighted (####) ones only, I have attached the week 5 paper that was submitted so that you can just pick up points for part “B” of the paper. nA PapernInclude specific examples using our curriculumnIntro/Conclusion (word count 200) – nEffectiveness (word count 100) – ####nFormative Assessments (word count 100) -nSummative Assessments (word count 100) -nnPart “B” of the papern
Attached is the presentation template that I have been working on so you can add your parts.n▪ Needs assessment application (Week 3) -n▪ Setting the vision (Week 4) – n▪ Program Plan (Week 5) : just write like 5 points only (MSG TO WRITER) ####n▪ Implementation plan (Week 6)nEvaluation plan (Week 6)nnC part of paper: What are some strategies you could use for curriculum revision of Ebola program? ####nMSG to WRITER: one of the team mate choose mock survey and other choose implemention workshops for employees to experience as needed hands on donning and doffing PPE would be beneficial also.nThere fore come up with something different than the one mentioned and write few words on it.n

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