write a short paragraph describing jazz musicIts a simple analysis.

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Listen to 30 jazz musics and write a short paragraph describing each song. It is a simple analysis. You will need to write a short paragraph for each song.

you can listen to any jazz resource available on CD, radio, online radio, DVD, video, TV, ITunes.

I will need 30 short paragraphs for each song.

For example:

Song Title: So What

Artist: Miles Davis

The song starts out with a bass intro and then the bass in fact plays the melody, which is uncommon. The piano chords don�t change or at least they stay on one chord for a very long time. The solos, (Trumpet and Saxophone) had an easy vocal feel and rarely sounded frantic like Bebop. The solos also lasted a long time and the rhythm was very simple and never competed with the solos. It was had a very cool feel but I believe the lack of chord movement might put it in the Modal style.

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