write a PhD research proposal and suggest titles for translation studies in UK.

I am planning to do my PhD as soon as possible in the area of Translation Studies in either the UK or Australia Universities. But, unfortunately I do not have yet an interesting idea or a topic for my PhD thesis proposal and my entire PhD thesis so far. So, I need a proficient and top writer in the field of Translation Studies to write up a good PhD research proposal in Translation Studies and then I want the same writer to write the complete PhD thesis with all its parts and chapters for me gradually after getting the admission. As I mentioned, I do not have a specific idea at the moment, so, the writer him/herself will suggest a topic or different topics which the writer is very knowledgeable in and s/he can pursue the PhD in it with no obstacles. Here are general areas of Translation Studies which the writer can cover a topic under them or any area which is related to Translation Studies; Human Translation and Machine Translations, Translation Theories, History of Translation, Translation and Philosophy, Translation and Ethics/Ideology/Power, Translation Products, Processes and Strategies,Translation and Training, Translation and Education, Translation and Culture, Translation and Language Learning, Translation Technology, Subtitling, Interpreting, or any topic related to translation studies. After deciding the appropriate topic together I want the writer to write the research proposal 1500 – 2000 words in length with a timescale of 35 months. The writer will provide me with everything belongs to my work such as, posters, summaries, presentations, ..Etc. The work should be monolingual in English.