Write a paper that focuses on Marvell's garden (1658) and the speaker's cavalier personality. MLA citation and bibliography.

Marvell’s garden (1658)


Research area: cavaliers and libertines. Write a paper that focuses on Marvell’s garden (1658) and the speaker’s cavalier personality. MLA citation and bibliography.

Need to write a 5-paragraph research essay with proper introduction, thesis statement, and stating 3 points in introduction that will be discussed within 3 body paragraphs. Each body paragraph needs to have your own points that you will discuss, along with backing up points from each article (source) attached.

The 2 points, cavaliers and libertines, are just SUGGESTIONS that can be seen in the poem, writer can come up with other topics, as long as they’re backed up properly from both the poem and the sources.

Sentences need to be cited using MLA citation, However, NO DIRECT QUOTES. They should be paraphrased into your own words and cited.

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