Why should a general reader care about your idea? discuss

Imagine a more general audience and narrow your focus to suit it. Your evidence for this essay may consist of any visual images presented in the Progression Exercises, visual mediums and films, as well as our class debate, but you need not confine yourself to this: there may be other written texts that now seem more helpful to you in terms of developing your idea. Feel free to use them. You are required to use at least one “physical” text reading from Progression 2.


The prompt: Is it better to be feared or loved(to parents)?

You must argue how and/or why. Remember to narrow your scope; Choose an angle or specific lens in which

your audience views this very narrow perspective. (For 113, it’s parents/parent/child relationships).

In a very precise and concise 3 (FULL) – 4 (MAXIMUM) pages, answer the above question in a well organized

and well thought out essay. Remember to keep the “Standard 5 Paragraph Essay” in mind as a model, so as not to

veer off on random tangents. Be sure to include a counter-argument. Keep in mind how you can use various genres

(speeches/debates, music videos, images, advertisements, literary texts, etc.) to support your argument. Remember

that you are comparing “apples to apples.”

After considering the best way to use your evidence to present your idea, inform your reader of the larger

implications. What do the various pieces of evidence you have gathered tell us about your idea? Why should s/he care

about your idea?

As in your previous essay, keep in mind that though your evidence provides the foundation for your work,


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