Why do I care? Why is it a problem of today’s society?Why is it important to improve this situation?


• For the whole literature review, make sure you cite EVERY single idea/sentence the appropriate way (no generic information for longer than 2 sentences at a time, in the whole essay please)

• ALL of the articles/books I send you must be mentioned and key ideas cited. All direct citing must be given page numbers.

• You have to use 80+ references in the literature review (all references you add need to be accessible on the internet)

• Examine the relevant literature in the area and go into depth please (shallow analysis will get me no points)

• Make sure to include at least 5 RELEVANT post breakup experiments/empirical evidence

• Highlight hypotheses

• Show how previous work relates to your specific piece of work (proving that this application helps post break-up feelings • Create / select a conceptual framework to guide your work

1. People are always breaking up. Universal issue. Give some relevant statistics (not older than 8 years) worldwide on how many marriages end in divorce, and also how many relationships usually break up. (also NON married people) Give some relevant statistics on how many single parents are raising their kids, what they make, how happy they are, etc. please do sufficient research here for background information. (2-3 pages)

2. Why do I care? Why is it a problem of today’s society? Because after a breakup, people feel less happy (cite from Oxford happiness questionnaire article & see below theory of reasoned action), more lonely (cite from UCLA loneliness scale article and social identity theory *Haslam), and more depressed, anxious and stressed (cite from DAS scale article & chemical breakup article). (2-3 pages)


• Theory of reasoned action

o Fishbein’s Attitude changes behaviour

o Flipside: behaviour changes attitude


• Social identity theory

o Social identity is a person’s sense of who they are based on their group membership(s)

o Once breakup happens, people feel they are ‘ripped out’ of their group/friends/new family members

o No longer part of someone’s life/group


• Chemical processes of a breakup (all the research done)

o Chemical imbalance of separation

o Breakup is like cocaine craving

• Biochemical neurotransmitters

• Dopamine serotonin levels drop, etc (chemical breakup article)

3. Why is it important to improve this situation? (Economy-people stop working as they are depressed, health –people cannot function and need medication, therapy, etc) (2-3 pages) They are sad, lonely, depressed anxious and stressed when they feel alone/without their partner. They lose a sense of self. They lose identity, feeling of belonging. If a woman was married to a successful man, she even loses her status. (ie)

4. Can I fix/improve this current situation? Yes, with this application

5. How? Current cures, helps, mediations, psychotherapy (all are one thing) vs. technology today and the dating app market! Describe Tinder, Happn and Lovoo dating apps’ purpose, what they achieve, how they work to get people distracted from their feelings. Why people get so into them. How it makes them feel. Use UPTODATE & RECENT articles to underline this (techchrunch, financial times, wall street journal, forbes & scholarly articles) (3-4pages)

6. What happens if this new dating app would change all of these negative feelings? What happens when you “decrease” the problem by finding something you love doing/engaging with others/finding another partner…what happens here (DAS sinks, loneliness sinks, happiness rises..). -→theory of reasoned action, people start doing things they love, so their attitude will change, they will become less depressed, anxious, stressed,….show empirical evidence/examples/etc. (3-4 pages)