Why did you choose these sub systems? explain

I am from Turkey and my school is İstanbul Technical university. Firstly, you should choose a system in İstanbul Technical University.

Defining system’s borders (a department, a faculty, whole university etc.)

Aim is to increase quality in chosen system borders.

Defining aims,

Defining variables related to aims (variables should be enough),

Defining sub systems.

And you have to explain very very detailed! for example, how are variables related to aims, Why did you choose these variables?, what do these variables mean?

Why did you choose these sub systems? explanations of these sub systems and so on okay?

I will give you 2-3 pdf document that is explained how it should be done okay? just make the same things but wthin the system that you choose from the istanbul technical uni okay?

But İstanbul technical university is a turkish uni and you dont know how it works which department related with each other? how can we do this?

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