who is machiavelli's prince? Whom should aspiring princes imitate?

using the book The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli to answer the topic question:who is machiavelli’s prince? Whom should aspiring princes imitate? citation to The Prince should include both the chapter number and page number. The paper need to be four full pages long without name , instructor, dates those kind of things. I need many citations from the Prince to inform the reader that I obtained the data I use as evidence. But I do not want a lot of direct quatation, I definitely prefer more paraphrasing. Please use the parenthetical citation correctly. this essay should tell the reader what I am going to argue and how I am going to argue it. Please make the most persuasive case possible. avoid any lengthy quatations except when absolutely necessary. conclusion should be stronger than introduction. please proofead carefully. I will provide the only needed source for this paper, the kindle edition of Machiavelli’s Prince, You need to cite using this edition, the page number and the chapter number has to be absolutely correct otherwise I will get a F on this paper. I would like to argue that Cesare Borgia, the Duke of Valentino as Machiavelli’s prince. And the major evidence can be found in The Prince Chapter 3,7,13,17 and 20 and 25 because those chapters directly tell the story of Borgia, only chapter 25 did not mention his name, but this chapter is essential to illustrate the fact that Fortune is important and mercurial. Please reading through those chapters and make strong argument to support my idea. Thank you very much.

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