Which is the age in which juveniles are actually charged as adults in Georgia.

1)  2) I do not thing the United States justice system is doing enough to address the juvenile crime problem. I believe we have taken a don\’t ask, don\’t tell approach to the problem of juvenile crimes, which has filtered down to the juveniles. They realize now, more than ever, that they can do just about anything they chose and receive a smack on the wrist. Most juveniles we deal with in the field will tell you \”you can\’t do anything to me because I\’m not seventeen yet\”, which is the age in which juveniles are actually charged as adults in Georgia.   I think to improve the juvenile justice system we need to take a tough, hard-line approach when dealing with juveniles. I think one of the most important things we could do is to start treating criminals as criminals regardless of age. Strict sentences, including jail time, not baby jail, would open the eyes of some of these want to be criminals before they are too far gone to change their paths.    If we stop treating juvenile offenders with padded gloves we may actually save more than we lose to the criminal life.  

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