What were some of the major social and political issues surrounding the election?

One thing we find when we study history is that history tends to repeat itself. Even though it seems that the issues facing our country today are new and unique, a study of history would suggest otherwise. When one starts to recognize the patterns and cyclical nature of history, it makes the subject all the more fascinating. Keep this in mind while researching and writing this paper!

If you look at the issues that are brought forth and highlighted by a presidential election, you will find a synopsis of what was significant and relevant for that historical time frame. For this project, I want you to choose a presidential election from the time period (1796-1876). Your task is to research and analyze the election while drawing comparisons to modern-day elections. Some questions to consider when researching and writing the paper are as follows:

What were the candidate’s backgrounds?

What were some of the major social and political issues surrounding the election?

What strategies did each candidate adhere to when running their campaign?

What effective use of propaganda did they utilize?

What ultimately affected the outcome the most?

Compare and contrast this election to recent presidential elections.

You are to thoroughly discuss what you discover in a 4-5 page (body) typewritten document.

Format should be APA and include multiple in-text citations!

Double spaced

Times New Roman, size 12.

Use College English.

Presidential Elections, 1789 to 1920: Resource Guides


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