What underlying assumptions (warrant) need to be addressed for reasons to work?Explain

Flash Draft
For this assignment, you are writing a detailed outline of your paper. You need to address: your major points, how you will back those points up (sources), and the order of those points.
I expect either an extremely detailed outline at our conference (at least 2 full pages) or a rough draft (at least 3 pages).
Before you start writing your paper, you should have a clear idea of where your argument is going. The following two sets of questions will help you start to get a clearer idea.
Here are questions that you should address based on the Toulmin Argument:
1) What is your claim?
2) How are you willing to qualify it?
3) What are the reasons for your claim?
4) What underlying assumptions (warrant) need to be addressed for reasons to work?
5) How will you back those up?
6) What authority are you using? (are your sources filling your paper with the proper ethos?)
7) What would the opposing side say in rebuttal?
8) How will you address that?

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