What Style choices did you make in writing? Why?Discuss

How did you Invent material for this project? (How/where did you and your partner get your material?)

2) Why did you choose the Arrangement that you did, and what was it? (What way did you organize your project, and why did you organize your project this way?)

3) What Style choices did you make in writing? Why?

4) How did you use the Delivery method (an essay) to make your points?

5) What Revision advice did you get in peer review/etc., and how did you apply this advice to your final draft? What ideas and information did you Revise as you wrote (your understanding? the audience’s expectations?)

6) Include an accounting of your individual contribution to the project and a discussion of your team’s working dynamics (how did you work together?)

7) Lastly and most important: what do you believe has been successful in your essay? What would you change, revise, or do differently if you had a ‘do-over’? What did you learn about yourself, your writing, and inquiry/analysis as you wrote this essay (What can you take forward from this writing into future work)?

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