What questions do you want to address in this paper? Explain

For the rest of the semester, you will be focusing on one subject for a final research paper. In order to get started on this, you will write a proposal about your topic.


Create a complex research question.
Form a research strategy.
Integrate and discuss sources effectively.
Understand MLA conventions and citations.

You are free to choose your topic, but you must run the topic by me. I reserve the right to veto any topic.

Consider using headings to organize your paper. Remember, this is just the beginning of your research journey. A general claim is fine. You should have a specific research question in mind, though, as you write this proposal. Your proposal needs to cover the following:

Introduction: introduction to your topic, an idea of what your claim would be, and its personal experience to you. Use specific examples from your life. Please also include your research question (this can be addressed when you write what your general claim is).

Overview and Areas to be Studied: explain both sides of your topic (remember Rogerian argument). Address what you need to research for this topic (the history, claims and subclaims/warrants that you need to address). What questions do you want to address in this paper? Cite at least 1 source for this.
Research: Have at least 2 credible sources. You will eventually need about 10 sources, so more than 2 sources is fine. Explain why you think these two sources are helpful. Explain what other research you plan on obtaining. What research are you looking for to help your argument?
Questions/Concerns: What concerns do you have about your topic? What problems do you foresee? What questions do you have for me, and what do you want me to give you feedback on?
What do you hope your readers will take away from your argument?


2-3 pages, typed, MLA format (TNR, 12 point font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced)
2 Sources incorporated throughout the text and cited properly
A well-thought out research question and claim.
Discussion of your topic from both sides.
Discussion of research.
An MLA works Cited Page.

note: the topic is (How can soccer be effectively promoted in the United States to give it more status as a “major” sport?) . I am not from the united states and that soccer is a major sport where i am from and this can be used in the intro on how this is personal to me or how it is related to me.

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