What is the source of evil and what is its purpose?

Hi class,The online content is up.  Please answer the following five questions—they are due at the beginning of class on Monday.1.  Tawhid—how is this term defined and used in the online lecture?  How is it related to the term \’shirk\’?2.  According to the online lecture, why specifically are images of God forbidden in Islam?3.  According to the online lecture, how do Muslims tend to understand evil (bad things happening in the world)?  What is the source of evil and what is its purpose?4.  Who is God\’s first deputy or califa, according to the online lecture?  What was his first duty or task?5.  How does Islam think about why humans sometimes do evil or wrong?  Is this view more similar to the view about human wrongoing in Christianity or Judaism?See you Monday.

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