What is the significance of each of the family within the world of the story?

reading response for Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins
For this reading response, imagine that you are the curator of an imaginary museum, and you are in charge of organizing a major exhibit about the fantasy world of your book. You have access to any artifact mentioned in the story (it doesnt matter if it has been lost or destroyed), but you need to select the most significant ones, in order to give the public an idea of the different cultures, history and places that appear on the novel.

Create a tri-fold brochure for your exhibition, including some images or drawings of the most important artifacts in your imaginary collection (think about the exhibition brochures you can find at real galleries or museums). How would you introduce your exhibition to someone who is not familiar with the book? Why did you select these particular artifacts? What is the significance of each of them within the world of the story?

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