what is human right?

my topic is about communication is very important in modern society
here are the instructions:
A proposal is both an informative and persuasive document. You need to convince your reader that this is a topic worth pursuing. You also need to make sure your topic is not too broad or too narrow to be accomplished in the time and space you have to work with (be sure to read and re-read the capstone project assignment sheet carefully!). It can sometimes challenging to develop a sufficiently focused project, particularly when one is passionate about their chosen topic. Students will commonly attempt too much, for example, by identifying a problem that is too broad or too complex and time-consuming to be tackled in just about three short months. The project might need to address only a small piece of a larger problem, or just focus on it from one perspective.

Please review pages 241-242 of Entering the Academic Conversation, which describe research proposals. Your proposal should have most of the elements described, though I don’t yet expect you to have a bibliography (though you are welcome to include one if you’ve done some preliminary research).

The proposal should be approximately 2 pages long and should include:

1.a draft title for your project (with an understanding that its likely to change during the writing process);
2.an introduction with a brief narrative of how you came to choose the topic and how it relates to your cognate areas, previous coursework, future career goals, and/or personal interests;
3.a description of the format you plan to employ and the primary audience of your project;
4.the primary research question(s) you want to investigate;
5.some of the possible points/arguments you hope to make in the essay (these will probably still be tentative)
6.an overview of some of your next steps toward developing this project.

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