What is globalization and does it make navigating other cultures more necessary today?

Special project 1 assignment

Interview somebody (for example a friend or family member) about their views regarding the one key topic or theme you found most useful to you in Modules 1 and 2 (I will upload later, please read the module and chose one you like, I prefer the topic of globalization or The anthropological perspective). Submit a write-up summarizing what you found out during this conversation and your own reflections on the conversation.

Please follow the steps below carefully:

1. Select the topic. An example might be “What is globalization and does it make navigating other cultures more necessary today?” or “the idea of inductive stereotypes”. It is really up to you (and part of the assignment) to review the materials and select and describe this one topic.

2. Discuss that general topic with them. If it’s a technical term like “inductive stereotypes” you may want to avoid using the term at first and just start by talking about the idea behind this term. You should probably listen to their views about the topic first and then explain to them something you learned about that topic in class and maybe bring up the term. Ask them what they think of that. Also, pay attention to specific details or stories they mention.

3. What you submit and we grade Write and submit a 250–300 word report summarizing your conversation and how it helps you assess the materials dealing with this topic in Modules 1 and/or 2. Structure it as follows:

A. State what the topic you chose to discuss and briefly define it and explain why you chose it, in 3–5 sentences.

B. Summarize the outcome of your conversation or interview. What was it like to explain the topic to that person? Were any examples useful to clarify it? Why do you think the person reacted the way they did (were they interested, agreeing or disagreeing with you, were they bored, antagonistic, clueless? did they add any insights?).

C. Write two to three sentences summarizing the results of this exercise.