What is geneticization and how is it related to identity?Explain

Quiz 1

Chapter 1

1. How does Edward Hall define culture? P2

2. What does Edmund Leach tell us about culture? P3

3. What is cultural background p4 and cultural misuse? Pp4-5

4. What are the inequalities of health? P 4-6

5. Though medical anthropology define childhood and old age Pp7-12

Chapter 2

6. How does the body communicate information (Pp20-22) and made beautiful (Pp21-23)?

7. What are symbolic skins (Pp24-25) and symbolic anatomies (P30)?

8. How is the body defined according to time? Pp33-34

9. What are some positive and negative aspects to disability? Pp 35-38

10. Define the main type of new C20th bodies Pp 38-42.

Chapter 4

11. What is the popular sector? Pp82-84

12. What is the folk sector? Pp84-93

13. What is the professional sector? Pp94-106

Chapter 14

14. What are the main aspects of genetics? Pp 355-357

15. What is geneticization and how is it related to identity? Pp357-361

16. What is applied genetics in its various forms? Pp 262-263