What is a unicorn?

 Many of the companies we have discussed in this class are among the largest companies in the world. Some have revenues and employee counts that are larger than some small countries. We have to consider that these are the exceptions and we have to wonder if the principles/founders ever intended for these companies to get this big.    Over the past few decades, we have seen technological innovation that has allowed a few entrepreneurial venture grow very quickly. These are called unicorns.    \”A unicorn, in the world of business, is a company, usually a start-up that does not have an established performance record, with a stock market valuation or estimated valuation of more than $1 billion…. [Aileen Lee coined after] she looked at software startups founded in the 2000s and estimated that only .07% of them ever reach $1 billion valuation. Those that do reach the $1 billion mark are so rare that finding one is as difficult as finding a unicorn\” Investopedia. (2016, para. 1-2).    See fortune magazine\’s 2016 list of unicorns at              References: Investopedia. (2016). Unicorn Definition. Retrieved from  

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