What is a typical “event” or “situation” observed by your discipline for investigation?explain

According to our instructor, the assignment reflects our major (discipline), so in my case, my major (or discipline) is Communication

And in the first part OBJECTIVE A on the instructions paper, it says: “Map the two preliminary disciplines required for you to create an INDS
research portfolio. Provide the following:…”

I just wanted the writer to know that all the part where it says something like “two preliminary disciplines” or “two disciplines” to just ignore that because it is meant for students of 2 majors (or disciplines) but since I am one of the Communication Major students then the writer may focus on Communication alone.

I think it would be best that the writer reads the instructions I have attached. And if he/she has any questions I will be ready to answer them

but most of what you need to know is that I am a Communication Major Student, And in OBJECTIVE B part of the instructions paper, I am the second type of Interdisciplinarian Character.

I could not understand what the professor had requested so I need some help. Each point under the objective can be answered in a form of 3-5 sentence short paragraphs. My classmates had 2 pages so I do not want to add more

In the part where it says –
Phenomena: What is a typical “event” or “situation” observed by your discipline for
investigation? Provide a recent article from each discipline and write a summary of the

I was thinking of different recent events and I could not come up with anything good, and the only thing in my mind was the ice bucket challenge that happened recently and how it can play a major role in this assignment. Or the other event is Jeremy Clarkson from the UK TV show Top Gear just got fired after almost 20 seasons playing on air.

I have also attached my first draft which was bad but just for reference to understand the assignment better. And to see my style of writing, I am an international student so my English is not perfect.

I also attached the book by Repko for any reference needed

Thank you for your cooperation and help and message me for any questions

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