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the aim of the UK Counter Terrorism strategy (CONTEST) is to reduce the risk to the UK, and its interests overseas from terrorism (HM Government, 2011). The Governments ‘s CONTEST publication is effective in communicating its strategy to the nation, but it is not an operational document to guide security agencies in the specifics of its implementation, You have been asked by the Home Secretary to undertake independent research on an appropriate risk management framework for responding to terrorism at the national level in the UK. Write an academic report in which the main objectives are:

1.) To outline key explanatory aspects relating to the strategic management of terrorism risk at national level.
2.) To discuss the main components of risk management (establishing the context, risk identification, risk analysis, risk evaluation, risk treatment, risk reporting, and monitoring and reviewing) in relation to the management of terrorism risk in the UK
3.) to assess the benefits and challenges associated with developing a risk management strategy with these objectives.
4.) to provide a set of good practice/guidance recommendations that can be evidenced and/or supported from finding of your review.

the following resources should be included amongst the source material

Cabinet Office (2015) National Risk Register for civil emergencies- 2015 edition, London Cabinet office

HM Government(2011) CONTEST: The United Kingdom’s Strategy for countering Terrorism, London: the stationary office

Stephen, J., Moch, P., Poole, G., Chapel, M. and Kitteringham, G. (2011) Good Practice Guide for security Risk Management, Caldecott: The Security Institu

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