What ideas did the article give you for further research? Ideally,

revise essay

Please read the article that i provide(law_and_love_in_the_merchant_of_venice). YOU MUST READ MY GUIDELINES FIRST ( I HAVE ATTACHED THEM) There are two guidelines. Please follow them carefully.Summarize the source in the first section of your essay. The summary should explain, in your words, the main points of the scholarly article. (Note: In this and in all written work you are expected to use the MLA format for documentation.) See the Purdue OWL (or any recent handbook) for information. The second part of the essay should be a response to your article. What interested you about this subject? What (if anything) surprised you? What new ideas did you discover? With what did you agree or disagree? What ideas did the article give you for further research? Ideally, you will select an article that interests you and that can help you in the final essay. This essay should be approximately 3-4 pages. I also have upload a sample to you. No plagirize. 


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