What does student see as a major strengths or weaknesses? What does student see as a major strengths or weaknesses?Discuss


• Introduction must include a brief statement placing the work under review in its appropriate historical context

• Brief overview of the monograph including information about the author and subject

• Restatement of author’s thesis

• Make sure to use footnotes or end notes based on either Turabian or Chicago Style.


• Student must identify specific strengths and weaknesses

• What does student see as a major strengths or weaknesses?

• Student must use specific examples from the text to support or to illustrate examples of the strengths and weaknesses of the work- be specific

Historical Reception

• Student must identify and use two or three professional historical reviews, which appear in peer reviewed academic journals, to describe the reception of the work by professional historians

• Why was the work significant?

• Why was it important?

• Did the author support his arguments according to professional historians?

• What did professional historians identify as the strengths and weaknesses of the work?


• Student must give an overall evaluation of the text

• What do you see as the most important aspects of the work?

• Did the text help you to understand this historical topic any better?

• What is your opinion about the text?

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