What did you learn about life during that time? Hardships? Lifestyle?

The assignment is to do an historical analysis of a movie. The purpose of the assignment is multi-fold
To show how Hollywood shapes our knowledge and perspective of History.
To explore history by using many sources including the Internet.
To show how prevalent history is in everyday culture.


The paper should be at least three full pages in length, double spaced, in a normal font, and 12 font size. At least two sources. MLA or Chicago (Tarabian) style

Be careful be factual do not make personal attacks or unsupported claims.
The paper should be a well thought out work with proper grammar, spelling, and form.
Be sure to have an introduction, with thesis, and a conclusion.
Since everything happened yesterday, verbs should be in past tense.

This is NOT a summary but an analysis.

Movie Guidelines:

Movie must be approved. Movie must be about American History during the time frame of the class. No documentaries.

1. Select a movie and have it approved by the instructor.
2. Read a little about the subject matter or person.
3. Watch the movie. Freeze the credits to get names etc. for research
Write the paper.

Questions to be Answered ( Format of Paper)

First paragraph
Introduction paragraph.
What is the historical content of the film? (What is the film about?)

Core: 2 pages:
Possible Questions you do not have to answer all you choose which ones to make a good paper.

How historically accurate was the film?

Did the film leave out important characters or events ? If so what and why?
Did the film add anything to the characters or events? If so what and why?

Did the film try to portray the main character in a positive or negative light? How? Halo effect or demonized two dimensional characters?

Was the film changed in any way to be politically correct or have better box office appeal? Was the film characters changed to portray an agenda?

What myths did the movie promote or dispel about the person/event?

What message did the movie convey about history?

Social Responsibility: page:

What did you learn about life during that time? Hardships? Lifestyle?

Did the movie do a good job conveying an historical lesson?

When was the film made? How do you think that influenced the Movie? Was history changed because of modern events? Does this change your outlook of Hollywood?

Conclusion: 1 Paragraph

Bibliography page: Include websites visited and books consulted.

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