What challenges id you face in preparing and conducting the survey?Explain

Enclosed copy of survey questions and analyze results.**

Need to create analysis report with the following details:

Introduction: What were you hoping to find out? What was your goal for the survey project? Who was your target audience – and why? How did you gather responses? Why did you choose that way? What challenges id you face in preparing and conducting the survey?

Results: How many people took your survey?

Analysis: Present your results in writing. Discuss what you discovered. What were the outcomes of the survey?

Reflection: What surprised you from the results? What confirmed what you were expecting? What were the big take-aways? What new questions do you have that you now what to explore? How will you use this information in your own research project?

Conclusion: What would you have done differently knowing what you do now? Discuss your overall experience with designing, conducting and evaluation survey result.

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