. What are your financial goals: Short-Term, Medium-Term, Long-Term? Explain

You can create your own system also.

Your ACCOUNTING LOG must include the following:

CATEGORIES of your expenditures: see handout: Where Does Your Money Really Go? This is a guide. You may create your own categories.

DATE you spent your money

TIME the expenditure occurred

ITEM What you spent your money on: Item/s, service, etc.

AMOUNT of expenditure

NEED or a WANT? Did you truly NEED the purchase or did you just WANT it?

PURPOSE of expenditure: Why did you make the purchase?

CATEGORY TOTALS and FINAL TOTAL of Monthly Expenditures

ANALYSIS OF EXPENDITURES: Discuss the following:

a. What are your financial goals: Short-Term, Medium-Term, Long-Term?

b. What did you learn about your spending habits? What were the spending patterns?

c. What do you plan to change about your spending in the next month?

d. How have your goals changed during this month?

e. What do you plan to do differently next month? What is your STRATEGY for your personal accounting of expenditures. Discuss.

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