What are the specific methods the leader can use for influencing, talent management?

My selection: (( Walt Disney))

Students will read a biographical or autobiographical text that summarizes the leadership philosophy of an exemplary leader. The assignment includes writing an in-depth analysis of the leader and his/her approach to leading.

The product of your analysis is an 8-10 page double-spaced paper. Paper must adhere to APA style standards.

Analysis should include:

• Brief summary/bio and description of leader

• Analysis of leader’s approach based on course readings (Please relate these findings to at least 3 topics from the course materials; servant leadership – transformational leadership – trait approach – skills approach – authentic leadership)

o What is the leader known for?

o What were the leader’s values/philosophy?

o What were the specific methods the leader used for influencing, talent management?

o What were some of the challenges this leader had to face?

o How did this leader overcome this challenge?

o What kind of legacy did this leader leave and instill for others?

Paper Requirements:

• APA style (Paper must include references)

o Paper must be in APA essay format (not a bulleted Q&A of results)

• Citations from 5-7 sources (articles, empirical studies)

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