What are the potential dangers of studying psychology and what are the potential benefits?Explain

•Complete the assigned reading, and then respond to the question(s) below.

•For multiple questions, be sure to number your answers accordingly.

•Students’ responses to the posed professor question(s) will include at least 500 words that contain appropriate reference(s) and web link(s), along with explanations for their importance. In other words, don’t just say, “See the web link below.” Explain the significance of this source.

•Students’ responses to classmates’ postings (at least three) will include at least 250 words, including reference(s) and web link(s) as outlined above.

•Arguments should be supported by specific and concrete examples. For sources, use the text along with a biblical quotation and/or reference. When referencing the textbook use APA formatting for sources that includes the author and date of publication. For example use, “Myers (2013) states. . . .”

Myers (2013) states the following in your reading:

If some people see psychology as merely common sense, others have a different concern—that it is becoming dangerously powerful. Is it an accident that astronomy is the oldest science and psychology the youngest? To some, exploring the external universe seems far safer than exploring our own inner universe. (p. 43)

1.Why might some individuals and groups view the field of psychology as “unsafe?”

2.What are the potential dangers of studying psychology and what are the potential benefits?

3.Does psychology threaten theology, or can these two fields have an interactive relationship?

4.Reflect on any hesitations you have regarding studying psychology, or hesitations you have about studying yourself.

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